Parsons X MEAL* - COMPUTATIONAL Design Workshop
Souq Alkhiam Pavilion

We started our investigation on 3D printed structures by challenging the technology of large scale additive manufacturing.

Thinness was one of the most limiting factors of computer controlled construction methodology. We resorted to the idea of 3D printing a thin shell that has been structurally generated using mesh relaxation.

Classically, stacked flat layers on top of each other created weak stops at the edges where layers meet; specially when it neared overhangs.

To tackle that, we employed non-planar 3D printing by creating doubly curved layers that that is deposited and guided by a reusable CNC milled form-work.

We hypothetically tested the proposal on a site located in Bastakiya – An old neighborhood in Dubai – where we created a site critical assembly with a dedicated program of being a shaded event space.

The outcome was varying shells that we are attempting to use in order to further develop the construction methodology and exploit the potential of non-planar printing in the UAE.

  1. Location
    Dubai, UAE
  2. Organized by
    Mattia Gambardella
  3. Tutor
    Riyad Joucka
  4. Team
    Yusrah Akintunde, Mark Philip
  5. Date


'Souq Alkhiam Pavilion' in Top View and Elevation.

Diagrams Showing the Construction Methodology.

3D Printed Model of Modules - Scale 1:50.