AA Visiting School dubai- Additive Constructions
Cellular Wrap

Cellular Wrap is a exhibition pavilion based on the use of 3D printing for casting complex architectural forms.

Currently, Additive Manufacturing techniques in use are lacking in providing material performances suitable for building applications, especially for the context of Dubai where extreme climatic conditions are very demanding.

To overcome the existing limitations, the project is conceived from the use of cellular solids to create lightweight and resistant structures.

Porosity becomes an intelligent way of distributing and minimizing material usage, while contributing to novel spatial features.

  1. Location
    Dubai, UAE
  2. Program Head
    Riyad Joucka
  3. Program Coordinator
    Maryam Altaf
  4. Tutor
    Roberto Naboni
  5. Teaching Assistant
    Aya Riad
  6. Team
    Ran Ma, Raudha Al Ghurair, Najib Hazman, Abdul Warith Zihni, Eithar Al gebail
  7. Date
  8. Website


3D printed moulds for concrete casting.

Drawings showing the pavilion in its context in D3 Dubai Design District.

Render image showing the pavilion in its context in D3 Dubai Design District.

Photos showing the 3D Printed prototypes leading to the design of the Cellular Wrap pavilion.

Diagrams of computer generated lattices.