AA visiting school dubai - Expocity 2020

After a global economic recession Dubai started investing heavily in alternative markets, this time capitalizing on art, design, and cultural exchange as generators of its own identity.

To instigate this illuminating revival, The United Arab Emirates is bidding to win the upcoming Expo 2020, with the theme “Connecting minds, creating the future”.

Dubai has ambitious plans of the Expo being a congregation of the world’s leading countries coming together to exchange ideas under the headlining key drivers of ‘Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity’.

The 'World Fair' has been a propellor of novel ideas and technologies to the world and Dubai today, strives to be at the forefront of innovation.

A prominent part of the global engagement with World Expos are the temporary structures built by different countries coming to display architectural and artistic expressions of their respective nations.

These pavilions have served as prototypes of pioneering ideas in material science and spatial expression, thus pushing the boundaries of architecture and technology.

Our approach to design through the first AA Visiting School Dubai leaned heavily on design research in emergent technology.

The workshop explored themes of novel construction methodologies and generative design. Capturing a future of the city where humans and robots collaboratively unite to build the environments of tomorrow.

  1. Location
    Dubai, UAE
  2. Program Head
    Riyad Joucka
  3. Program Coordinator
    Farah Ragheb, Aarathi Murali
  4. Tutor
    Alessio Erioli, Suryansh Chandra, Omid Kamvari, Muhammed Shameel
  5. Team
    Rola Dehn, Reema Abu Hassan, Marta Krivosik, Agata Kurzela, Rida Quraishi, Nada Waleed, Sama Waly, Zedd Madi, Yasmeen Khalil,
    Omar Kaddourah, Maitha AlMazroeei, Reem Hantoush, Hayder AlAnsary, Amna AlOwais, Abdulla Alkendry, Aisha Abu Alshawareb, Amna Alattar, Abeer Alhammadi, Zied Almashhaeawi, Jamal Baroudy, Sara El Nour, Wasim Habashneh, Mohammad Alhnaity, Elias Elsoueidi, Ahmed Hassan, Doaa Elkadry, Atousa Aslaminezhad, Safeyya Alshehhi, Hakam Elmajed, Farah Aqrabawi, Khozaymah Kutubuddin
  6. Date
  7. Website


Unit 01 Aggregate Systems - Design Research

Unit 02 Future Flows Robotic Arm development

Unit 03 Group 01 Woven Tectonics studies

Unit 03 Group 02 Woven Tectonics studies

Video Showing Design Research and Insight of the 'AA Visiting School DXB 1.0- Expocity 2020' workshop.