Parsons X MEAL* - Computational Design Workshop

The site is located in old Fahidi neighborhood, a historic area known for its master-plan and its vernacular architecture.

One of the prevalent element of this historical place is how wind is harvested and reused for natural ventilation inside the houses.

This can be noted on how the urban fabric is arranged, creating sikkas directing the wind inside the plot depth.

Such processes inspired the idea of creating a pavilion able to hold the wind in place and to celebrate it, utilizing the contextual forces that shaped the area.

A wind analysis was simulated to further study its behavior on site. The lines generated from this analysis were materialized to create both the building and landscape design, informing the way the building is accessed and allowing for maximum ventilation inside the structure.

The Pavilion houses gallery spaces, projection spaces for residing artists to showcase their work for public view.

  1. Location
    Dubai, UAE
  2. Organized by
    Mattia Gambardella
  3. Tutor
    Riyad Joucka
  4. Team
    Ghanem Younes, Nikola Dakic
  5. Date


'Breeze' in Top View and Elevation.

Diagrams Showing the Construction Methodology and Site Analysis.

3D Printed Model of Modules- Scale 1:100.