AA Visiting School Dubai- Additive Stereotomies
Bloc84 Pavilion

Renders showing BLOC84 installed at Block Park in Dubai Design District_AA-Visiting-School-Dubai-5_MEAL Middle East Architecture Lab

Bloc 84 is a shading structure made up of 84 unique modules.

It introduces an innovative construction method using 3D printed interlocking pieces, creating a larger self-standing structure.

The fabrication process of this project utilizes 3D printing. It is both additive and stereotomic.

Bloc 84 design ensures that each module interlocks with one another, the pieces remain dry fit thus making the entire structure mobile and efficient in terms of transportation and assembly.

Block 84 is part of a potentially larger network of small pockets of respite located across Dubai to accommodate the pedestrians of the city.

  1. Location
    Dubai, UAE
  2. Program Head
    Riyad Joucka
  3. Program Coordinator
    Wael Nasrallah
  4. Tutor
    Alessandro Zomparelli
  5. Team
    Hanan Alshehri, Sarah Al Adayleh, Ahmed Yakout, Reem Jeghel, Ghanem Younes, Arian Saghafifar, Norah Aldughaither, Saad Boujane, Sara Elomrani, Ankita Garg, Sudarshan Arampath
  6. Date
  7. Website


Diagrams showing robotic 3D printing processes

Schematic Design Drawings of BLOC84 Pavilion in Plan, Section and Elevation.

Axonometric Drawing showing the various structural elements.


Fly through Video of BLOC84 Pavilion in its location in Dubai Design District.

Renders showing BLOC84 installed at Block Park in Dubai Design District.