AA VISITING SCHOOL DUBAI- Additive Constructions
Crystal Cells

Inspired by the geometrical nature of water molecules, the Crystal Cells 3D printed Water Taxi station is generated by modules derived from truncated octahedrons.

Programmatically, as these modules, or molecules, emerge from water to land, they crystalize into a constellation providing shelter for the users of the water taxi.

The structure aims to further mimic the effect of these natural occurrences, by providing an underwater experience, achieved through degrees of transparencies generated by perforations.

The pavilion takes an organic form based on the crystallization and the rotational manipulation of a single 3D module.

Which allows the opportunity to
explore the use of complex morphologies to articulate and enhance space-using modules.

  1. Location
    Dubai, UAE
  2. Program Head
    Riyad Joucka
  3. Program Coordinator
    Maryam Altaf

  4. Tutor
    Alessandro Zomparelli
  5. Teaching Assistant
    Aya Riad
  6. Team
    Ali Fayyad, Alya Al Fahim, Mohamed Al Ahmdani, Prathyush Pradeep, Yara Manla
  7. Date
  8. Website


Video showing fly through of Water Taxi station proposal.

Perspective renders of Water Taxi shading structure.

Diagrams of module blocks of construction.

Diagrams of construction