(Middle East Architecture Lab)

Is a Research Repository of Emergent Technologies in Design.

MEAL is set up as an open-source nomadic platform enabling architects, designers, and students by providing access to cutting edge, hands-on technical research through design and build projects.

MEAL aims to democratize the use of technology in design. Working towards a future of contextual, ecologic, performative and aesthetic complexity through global collaborations.


-Dubai Design District 2017
-Alserkal Avenue – AAVS Dubai 2015
-AA Global School Program/ AA London 2015
-AAVSDXB Expocity2020: Accelerating Processes / A4
Alserkal Dubai 2015
-Detour Design Festival / Wanchai, Hong Kong 2013
-AA Annual Show / AA London, 2012


Notable Projects

-AA Visiting School Dubai 2019
-AA Visiting School Dubai 2018
-WAS Winter Architecture School - Bahrain 2017
-AA Visiting School Dubai 2016
-WAUM - Chile 2016
-AA Visiting School Shanghai 2016
-AA Visiting School Dubai 2015
-AA Visiting School Shanghai 2015
-AA Visiting School Dubai 2014
-AA Visiting School Tehran 2014
-AA Visiting School Shanghai 2013
-AA Visiting School Jordan 2013
-AA Visiting School Paris 2012
-AA Visiting School Penang 2012