AA VISITING SCHOOL Tehran - Fractal Composites

This research investigate the use of composite shells as means to facilitate the construction of complex fractal tessellations found in traditional Persian architecture.

Taking a radical approach to materiality, re-imagining modes of production, to generate a novel vernacular.

The outcomes will aspire to speak for the ambitions of the young generation for global recognition, where tradition and identity are at the backdrop of rigorous scientific architectural experimentation, allowing for unprecedented forms to emerge.

The core of the process investigate the hybridization of tensile structural systems with compressive materials as a method for developing building blocks of spatial fractal tessellations.

Looking at designing a formwork framing systems, processes and material layers, in combination with digital methods for simulation and fabrication.

The designer becomes the assembler in order to achieve the intricacy and finesse of traditional craftsmanship while allowing for with the lightness and efficiency of contemporary fabrication practice to play a role in the process.

  1. Location
    Tehran, Iran
  2. Program Head
    Omid Kamvari
  3. Tutor
    Riyad Joucka
  4. Team
    Anna Hajishah-mohamadi, Amir Keshavarazian, Bahar Vakili, Elmira Abbasi, Hanif Haghtalab,
    Kurush Mohammadi, Negin Imani
  5. Date
  6. Website


Understanding the Different Types of Muqarnas.

Diagrams Showing Experimentation with various Geometrical shapes and Materials

Diagrams Showing the Process of Making.

Video Showing the Process of Assembling 'Fractal Composites' Outcomes.